CAIRO BUSINESS PARK is an award winner of Best Commercial Project at Cityscape Exhibition 2015. New Cairo’s Business Hub is Egypt’s Finest Fully Integrated Gated Business Community with a full mix of amenities and services which foster employee productivity and time management for the ultimate work/life balance creating a friendly, harmonious and efficient work environment to drive business growth and market evolution.

New Cairo’s Business Hub

CAIRO BUSINESS PARK is the prestigious business move which supports the presence of medium & large enterprises highly in need of their own unique identity to flourish in a professional business environment that will boost their growth. When creating the concept of CAIRO BUSINESS PARK, every single detail was taken into consideration by having most of the services and facilities that support the daily operation of the occupants in an ideal proximity creating a flawless, harmonious and professional balance. Because “Time is Money”, we made sure to choose very unique midway location between old capital and new capital which has an easy access through several main roads in New Cairo. Taking your business & your life to the next level. Cairo Business Park will help free up your employee’s minds from potential daily hassle to focus on your business and achieve optimum performance.


With 100% office spaces overlooking outside landscaping and water features provide you with inner peace and the ability to concentrate and be more creative. The Business Park is much more than just a traditional corporate hub.Working in an integrated park has an endless benefits with a stress-free atmosphere to achieve the perfect work/life balance. Because we understand that the work environment has a direct impact on the output of employees; that’s why we made sure that the project provides spacious areas, greenery along with several facilities and services that create a productive workplace that helps put your employees in a better mental state to have better concentration and flow with creativity. The business hub features a new hybrid concept of independent corporates that come in all sizes in a fully integrated business community:

  • 900 sqm – 1,900 sqm
  • 2,200 sqm – 4,600 sqm
  • 5,000 sqm – 7,500 sqm
  • 8,000 sqm – 12,000 sqm
  • 13,000 sqm – 23,000 sqm

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