The project evokes a modernistic elegant feel. Its scale is cozy and visually calm allowing the focus to be on showing a mastery of utilizing a sophisticated approach to the materials and detailing.

La Nuova Vista Commercial Area

  • La Nuova Vista Commercial area lies on area of 27,500 GLA and built up area 44,480.

  • It is a connected building that consists of Underground Parking, Lower level, Ground, First and Second Floors.

  • Landscape Lies on 7,000 Square meter.

  • Lighting all over the place with shaped lamp poles to set the perfect mood for you.

  • Three main external access gates.

  • Modern Exterior Design.

Design, Concept & Layout

We believe plants are the soul & the dynamic esthetic dimension of any projects. In this project, our vision is to create a unique multi-level open space with suspended tropical feel gardens.

The design of the landscape helps in maximizing the view for the visitors so that they can enjoy their surrounding context. Furthermore, the facades of the mall itself were designed to truly reflect its character. 

The indoor and outdoor spaces are seamlessly connected. The lush green outdoors creates a lively natural habitat for the residents to enjoy. The lighting scheme is integrated within the design of the landscape to further accentuate that unique experience.

Putting in consideration all the segments of people, we managed to build stairs, elevators, and escalators and travelator to serve all people from the basement to the second floor to make it easier for the handicapped.

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